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Exotic Wood and Specialty Wood Suppliers

    Welcome to the Access Woodworking Directory of exotic wood and specialty wood suppliers


    Alta Resource Wood Suppliers
    Mail-order supplier of large and small quantities of hardwoods for woodworkers and wood crafters. Specializing in native Appalachian species and figured wood from SE West Virginia. (A-1001)

    Spahn And Rose Lumber Co.
    Building material supplier for Eastern Iowa, Southwest Wisconsin and Northwestern Illinois with full line of building materials from brand name suppliers. (A-1014)

    Rare Earth Hardwoods
    Providing fine domestic hardwoods, flooring, feature strips, paneling and dimensional lumber. (A-1060)

    Yukon Lumber
    Source for hardwood and exotic lumber, cabinet grade and marine plywood, custom millwork and accessories related to woodworking. (A-1049)
    Specializing in unique and native Midwest hardwoods. (A-1053)

    Talarico Hardwoods
    Specializing in old growth, quartersawn white and red oak, quartersawn American and English sycamore, cherry plain and quartersawn, and ash. (A-1018)

    Tropical Exotic Hardwoods of Latin America
    Wholesale and retail importer of tropical exotic hardwood. (A-1023)

    West Penn Hardwoods
    Suppliers of Appalachian and exotic hardwoods for Woodworking specializing in quartersawn white oak. (A-1026)

    A M Wood Specialty
    Retail and wholesale supplier located in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada stocking over 120 species of fine hardwoods and veneers, as well as a broad selection of furniture grade and specialty plywoods. (A-1047)

    Mendocino Specialty Lumber Company
    Ecologically sound lumber specializing in 100% old growth redwood and clear all heart air seasoned timbers, all harvested prior to 1930. (A-1051)

    Abilene Mesquite Hardwoods
    Producer of mesquite hardwood for cabinets, flooring, turning stock, sculpture, furniture, and doors. (A-998)

    Appalachian Woods
    Recycled flooring, lumber and furniture with material from century old structures, specializing in antique heartpine, chestnut and oak. (A-1002)

    Willard Brothers Woodcutters
    Offering rare exotic woods from around the world and a variety of domestic hardwood lumber. (A-1027)

    Find suppliers of lumber, veneer, plywood and sawmill services. (A-1030)

    Exotic Woods
    Supplying specialty woods to major manufacturers of stringed instruments, woodwind instruments, pool cues, and custom cabinetry. (A-1032)

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