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    Welcome to the Access Woodworking Directory of woodworking organizations.


    Annapolis Woodworkers Guild
    Exists to advance fellowship among persons interested in the art of woodworking; to promote the tradition, culture, and history of woodworking; to promote knowledge and understanding of woodworking; and to enable its members to enjoy and appreciate the woodworking skills of others. Site includes links to wood toxicity information. (A-1097)

    The Evergreen Woodworkers Guild
    Founded in 1999 and serving the south Sound region of Washington State, The Evergreen Woodworkers Guild has grown to over 125 members. (A-1123)

    Colorado Period Furniture Makers Guild
    Provides a forum for the study and preservation of period furniture building. Includes online gallery and newsletter. (A-1102)

    Mendocino Coast Furnituremakers
    Association of furniture makers dedicated to the preservation and evolution of fine furniture building. Includes galleries and schedule of displays. (A-1109)

    Women in Woodworking
    Offers galleries, links to information and member sites, and a forum. (A-1119)

    Woodwork Institute of California
    Non-profit corporation, to develop and disseminate information relative to the uses, advantages and functional utility of wood products in all types of building construction. Includes news and legislative information. (A-1094)

    British Antique Furniture Restorers Association
    Organization of craftsmen and women concerned to maintain the highest standards in the field of antique furniture restoration and conservation. Includes information on their student branch and listed colleges. (A-1099)

    The Furniture Society
    Advancing the art of furniture making by inspiring creativity, promoting excellence, and fostering understanding of this art and its place in society. Offers public and members-only forum and website search feature. (A-1106)

    Berkshire Woodworkers Guild
    Not-for-profit professionals in Massachusetts, promoting awareness of benefits of custom woodworking. Site promotes annual furniture show and sale. (A-1098)

    Des Moines Woodworkers Association
    Non-profit association dedicated to fellowship, education, and community service for those of all skill levels in the field of woodworking. Many links to other information. (A-1104)

    Laminating Materials Association
    Non-profit trade group representing all types of man-made decorative overlays. Downloadable or printed glossary available. (A-1107)

    San Diego Fine Woodworking Society
    Hobbyists and professionals. Objectives are education, promotion,and public appreciate of principles and practices of fine woodworking. [Membership fee] (A-1116)

    Abrasive Engineering Society
    Shares technical information about abrasives minerals and their uses including abrasives grains and products such as grinding wheels, coated abrasives and other items made from synthetic minerals. Compendium of technical papers listed. (A-1095)

    Mid-America Woodcarvers
    A non-profit organization, promoting the appreciation and art of woodcarving and associated crafts through instruction, exhibitions, demonstrations and workshops. (A-1111)

    Long Island Woodworkers Club
    Membership is open to persons of all skill levels. Offers monthly meetings, a newsletter, seminars, field trips, toys for tots, a library with video tapes, books, magazines, and a yearly competition. (A-1108)

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